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LUG 2011

Join other Lustre users at the LUG 2011 conference in Orlando, April 12-14 at the Marriott World Center Golf and Spa Resort.  Learn about Lustre features, upcoming enhancements, site-specific experiences and lessons learned.

Early registration ends March 14, 2011. 

See the events section for more details.

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High Performance Cluster File System (HPCFS)
Software Foundation

We are a non-profit group meeting the needs of the worldwide Lustre community.  We are building a global organization focused on collaboration, consistency and community.

    Collaboration  -  Working together to jointly
    maintain, enhance, test and help
support the Lustre
    file system

    Consistency  -  Providing a technically self-
    sufficient, self-sustaining, member-
    organization serving all Lustre sites, markets
    and geographies

    Community  -  Connecting companies, 
    organizations and users to share 
requirements that
   address the common interest of Lustre users